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The CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files

THURSDAY, MAY 26TH @ 9:00 A.M.JeffMorley_3552
Jefferson Morley is a veteran journalist, who has worked as a reporter and editor for The Washington Post, The Nation, The New Republic, and Harper’s Magazine. Throughout the course of his career, he has published extensively about the Central Intelligence agency. Currently, Morley is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the CIA, in hopes of having secret documents released. During our show we will learn about the deceit and deception on the part of the CIA to the Kennedy Assassination

Alicia I. Dearn, Candidate for Vice President Libertarian Party


Alicia Dearn PR HeadshotIn 2012, Ms. Dearn served as General Counsel to Governor Gary Johnson’s Libertarian campaign for U.S. Presidency. She is the founder of Bellatrix PC, a woman-owned law firm with offices in Saint Louis, Missouri and San Diego, California. Bellatrix PC handles lawsuits and business transactions and gives legal advice in business, employment, real estate, civil litigation and election law.

Notably, she successfully defended multiple legal challenges to Governor Johnson’s placement on ballots. This earned Dearn a reputation as fearless as she single-handedly defeated some of the nation’s top-ranked election law attorneys in multiple eleventh-hour state electoral proceedings simultaneously.

During our broadcast, Ms. Dearn would like to discuss the issues of ballet access, the Vice Presidential race, small business and over regulation and the cost of the war on drugs.


The Media, Failed Policies and the Stock Market

THURSDAY, MAY 19TH @ 3:00 P.M.

andy_suttonWe are pleased that Economist Andy Sutton is returning to our show.   We will discuss the state of the media,  the effects of failed policy, and the 2016 zero stock market game.

Andy Sutton is the former Chief Market Strategist for Sutton & Associates. While no longer involved in the investment community, Andy continues to perform his own research and acts as a freelance writer, publishing occasional ‘My Two Cents’ articles. Andy also maintains a blog called ‘Extemporania’ at http://www.andysutton.com/blog.

Marc Faber: The Risk of Global Collapse


MW-CM977_faber__MG_20140714091742We are pleased that Mr. Marc Faber has agreed to be our guest to discuss the stability of the world’s financial situation.  Mr. Faber is a Swiss investor based in Thailand and publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report and is the director of Marc Faber Ltd. which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager.  His worldview and scope of knowledge is second to none who will be asked about the risk of a global collapse in the bond market.watchvideo_button


Aggressive Debt Removal


Jordan-Michael is Tactical Wordsmith & Aggressive Debt Removal Expert, Guild Master, Consultant, Trustee, Spiritual Life Coach, and Author. His skills and craft are so rare that most would consider them extinct. Let’s hear what he has to say about America’s addition to debt, the ramifications to our economy and what can be done to save this country from what seems to be an unsustainable live style.


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